Let's Get Fortified.

Fortified- Verb, Hebrew חָזַק, transliteration: (khaw-zak’), definition according to Strong’s Hebrew and Aramiac dictionary: to fasten upon, to sieze, cure, help, repair, fortify, to bind, to strengthen, to harden, to be constant, be established, to behave valiantly, to withstand.

I’ve basically become obsessed with the word fortify and the meaning behind it in the past year or so. Because if it isn’t obvious by now, I’m big proponent of seeing believers walk in victory, being more than conquerors, and knowing that they have what it takes in Jesus to dominate in any attack. The word victory itself implies that we have an opponent, and therefore, something to conqueror. I’ve wrestled with the concept of “a spiritual attack” quite a bit, knowing good and well that they’re a real thing, because I’ve had them, but also wondering why some believers don’t seem to have them, or even know what you’re talking about if you use that term. I also know good and well that for me personally, and I believe for many other believers, that I was very “attackable”, for lack of a better word. I was easy prey. I was an open target. Not because I was a lukewarm believer. Not because I didn’t really love Jesus. Not because I didn’t read my bible or pray or practice any of the spiritual disciplines. I was almost literally on fire for the Lord and couldn’t get enough of my Bible. And I know many other believers that have been attacked are too. But there’s one thing that I was not: fortified. I believe the meal that that prowling lion, seeking someone to devour loves to consume is a 1 part Christian with a brilliant future and destiny that will totally annihilate his kingdom of darkness in her sphere of influence, combined with 1 part unchecked, unguarded, unfortified heart, holes in her “wall”, and therefore holes in her life, all wrapped up in one brilliant yet vulnerable human being. If you have no idea what that means, hang in here because I’m going to get there.

This blog series is a call for all of us, myself included, to fortify our lives, through equipping with a study of the Old Testament concept of fortified cities, mixed in with my own personal story. Until Jesus comes back or we see Him face to face, we will have a prowling lion seeking someone to devour, but in Jesus’ name, we don’t have to be easy prey. We can live fortified lives that are able to withstand attacks triumphantly.