You've Got What It Takes To Live Victoriously

Before we get started, I wanted to share with you how I define a few words that I’m going to be talk about a lot so that we’re all on the same page. More may come up, but I will define those as we go along!

  • Bondage- Anything hindering a believer from the abundant life God has for her. This could be habitual sin, unfounded fears or thoughts not aligned with the truth of God’s Word, ongoing temptation in a particular area, or any scheme of the devil being manifested where he is seeking to kill, steal and destroy.

  • Deliver/deliverance- The initiative and power of God to rescue the believer from any form of bondage and redeem and restore her back to the abundant life He created her for.

  • Victory- Living in victory is when the believer has overcome areas of bondage and is living the abundant life Jesus purchased for her on the cross. Long-term, consistent victory is really a string of many little daily, (hourly) victories. Do not discount those “little” victories! They add up to be big victories.

We are on a journey of going from bondage to deliverance to victory. Bondage and defeat should not be the norm of any overcoming child of God. Defeat of a child of God in battle comes down to three reasons: 1) what we have not learned. 2) what we have not applied. 3) how we have been deceived. I’m here to help with number 1 and hopefully number 3 but number 2 is going to be totally up to you and Jesus. If you’re just starting to walk out of defeat, applying it is probably going to be hard at first, like deciding to lift weights if you’ve been laying in bed for a year. But as you continue to apply the Word of God, He’s going to start infusing His strength in you. You’ll have the spiritual muscle to keep all that you’ve worked hard to have. And little by little, those things that were once so heavy to lift will just be a part of you. Because victory is never going to happen on accident. We are swimming against the current if we’re going towards victory. If you’re serious about getting free and staying free, it’s going to take daily upfront resolve. But hear me when I say this: you have what it takes. That isn’t a catchy motivational phrase. True humility will never cause you to think less of yourself. Because the Spirit of the Living God lives in YOU. He sought YOU out and chose to take up residence in YOUR body, because He loves YOU. Since He lives in you, He’s committed to equipping you, strengthening you, and providing everything you need to live in victory! That’s why you do have what it takes. Do not cheapen in the name of humility what Jesus paid a high price to have (you!)

Before we end today, I wanted to take it a step further and show you in the greek that Jesus wants to deliver you from bondage and into abundant life. My absolute favorite greek word used in the New Testament is sozo, which is used over 100 times. The greek definition of sozo is “saved (as in eternal salvation), healed (to make one physically whole), and delivered (the initiative of God to rescue his people from the enemy, sin, and death).” Anytime the word sozo is used to describe someone’s breakthough or transformation, it is always involving one of these three components. It is the salvation of their soul, the healing of their body, and the deliverance of their spirit. For the purposes of this particular blog, we’re going to hone in on deliverance, because that is a huge component of living in victory. The first time sozo appears in Scripture is in Matthew 1:21, “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, for he will save (sozo) people from their sins.” Right off the bat, we see that Jesus was sent by the Father to sozo (save, heal, and deliver). He’s still doing now what He did back then. Girlfriend, if you are in Christ, deliverance is your birthright. He already made a way on the cross and therefore did all the heavy lifting. But, you’ll need to do a ton of truth seeking, have some fearless resolve, and do a lot of hard work. I heard Christine Caine day once hat there’s no such thing as a drive-thru breakthough, and I couldn’t agree more. But, you’ve got what it takes, so let’s keep going!