Fun with Warby Parker

Hey guys, can I just clear the air about something right now? You're never going to come to my site to look at my awesome photography or watch me model stuff by way of looking down at just the right spot on ground or off in the distance, with my foot bent at just the right angle, and/or my hand touching my hair just so. There are many wonderful blogs like that, and if that's true to the person I'm glad that they're doing it. But as for me, I'm not a model and I'd even say I'm uncomfortable "modeling" something. I'm well aware these pictures aren't perfect. I think my toddler's grubby paw touched the lens on my DSLR one too many times. Imperfect photos are okay with me so I hope you can be okay with them too. Purpose over perfect, right?




And the purpose of this post? Well, I need new glasses. That's the primary purpose. I left my old ones at my sister's house in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago and I've been solely relying on my contacts, so I have been needing a new pair since I got back. I heard about Warby Parker a long time ago, but since I had a functioning pair of glasses I couldn't justify buying another pair. But, now that I DO need a pair, I headed to immediately!

In case you've never heard of Warby Parker, they're a glasses company that lets you pick of 5 pairs of glasses off of their website, sends them to you for FREE, and you get to try them out for a few days, and send them back with what pair you'd like with your prescription. The best part for me is that I don't have to drag my 2 year old and 9 month old into a glasses store. And the right glasses can add a ton of style to an outfit with very minimal effort. That's right up my alley. And on top of that, every time a pair of glasses are purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need. Pretty cool, huh? So, I need your help! Which pair should I keep? Here are my first impressions:

ANNETTE: Well, the frames are pretty wide and skinny, which isn't my face shape at all. But I do like the color of the frames. I don't know if you can see it in the photo but it's a tortoise shell style with brown and light pink.

GREENLEAF: These frames are pretty similar in style to my old ones, except they're MUCH darker. I'm feeling like these are a little to dark for me, and I know Warby Parker has different colors, but I made sure to get the brown or lighter color on all of them.

HOLCOMBE: These ones are my favorite. I think the frames are a great shape for my face. However, my only hesitation is the bottom part of the frame is wire/stainless steel and the rest is the plastic/cellulose acetate. I do like the subtle cat eye. It adds a bit of pizazz, you know?

PRESTON: I gotta be honest with you, Kim at Oh, Sweet Joy wears these and she rocks them. I wanted to see if it was just her awesomeness of if I could rock them too. I'm a little on the fence about these. They look a little Where's Waldo on me but I never got that vibe at all when I saw pictures of Kim with them on.


PERCEY: I'm not sure these suit my face shape best. They're way too round for me although I think they'd look great on someone else!



So, what do you think?! Seriously, I need help! Have you ever tried Warby Parker glasses before? Have they worn well/lasted? Please let me know!